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Reach thousands of brides & grooms in your area for only £100 a year. Create exclusive offers and much more. Here's just a few reasons why you should advertise with us.

Clients search our
directory & come directly to you

Our user friendly network allows brides & grooms to search for you using a unique postcode and locality function and if they wish to contact you they simply fill in one of our forms which will automatically generate an email to you. This means potential customers are able to view your details and reach you directly giving you excellent exposure to potential future clients. 

We are proud to
support local business's

We know how competitive the wedding industry can be and how difficult, not to mention costly, it can be to get yourself noticed. The creators of me&mywedding.com are genuine believers in supporting local business. This is why we encourage brides, grooms and civil partnerships to search locally in order to support you the vendor.

We advertise in wedding
magazines across the country

We can help you reach potential brides, grooms and civil partnerships where you might otherwise find it too costly. We advertise in wedding magazines across the country encouraging potential customers to visit our website and search for local and national suppliers and vendors in the wedding industry.

Our eye catching advertisements give ultimate visibility of the me&mywedding.com  brand and ultimately increases exposure for you and your business. 

We are supported by
venues across the country

The all important wedding venue is often the first thing that newly engaged couples try to pin-down. Once the where and the when is confirmed, the other details such as dress, flowers, food, photographer, car (and the list goes on!) follow. The great news is that many wedding venues across the country are just as keen to support and encourage local business as we are. This is why many venue locations around the country want to support you (and make the wedding planning process simpler for their brides, grooms and civil partners) by making our leaflets and brochures available to couples looking at their venue. 

Only £100 a year to
advertise - no hidden costs!

That’s all it takes to advertise with us. There are no hidden fees and nothing tying you in. Just £100 a year will get you a detailed company profile on the site and exposure to thousands of potential customers who may not otherwise know you exist. 


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