Q - What do I get for advertising with meandmywedding.com?

A - You will be entitled to advertise on our site for one year from the point of payment. You will receive your own profile page and be able to upload new offers for your business at your convenience. Your profile page will have links back to your website, email address, phone number as well as your Facebook and Twitter pages giving you and your business maximum exposure. 

Q - Why doesnt my password work?

A - This could be a number of resons. 1, you have not registered your email address. Until you have done this you will not gain access. Please check your junk email box. 2, You have not met the password requirements. Each password should contain one capital letter, one number and be at least 8 characters.

Q - How will I know someone has contacted me through meandmywedding.com? 

A - If brides, grooms or civil partners choose to contact you via meandmywedding.com they will be able to fill in a contact form on our site and this will be emailed directly to you allowing you contact them at your convenience. This means you can see an instant return for your investment. 

Q - Can I advertise in more than one category? 

A - You can advertise in a maximum of 3 categories, however, we encourage you to advertise in what best suits your business. We will monitor this for over use and remove you from a category if we feel you do not fit the criteria so please stick to what suits you as a vendor. 

Q - Can I advertise on the main page? 

A - Yes you can advertise on the main page. This is offered at additional cost and is quoted on an individual basis. Please contract us with your requirements. 

Q – I am running a promotional offer. Can I feature this on the main page? 

A - It is difficult for us to cater to everyone’s needs on our main page. There is limited space and high demand. If you feel you would like to feature your offer on our main page please contact us and we can discuss your requirements. 

Q - Can we write a blog or feature photos on your inspiration page? 

A - Of course you can and we encourage it. All you have to do is email your blog to us at [email protected] Once we have reviewed it we will let you know if it is suitable. We aim to feature the blog within 2 weeks of review. 

Q - Our photos won't load onto our profile page, why is this?

A - We have a maximum upload size of 2mb per photo so please ensure the maximum size is below this and in JPEG form. If you are still having problems please contact us at [email protected] 

Q - Our photos don't do our business justice, can we get professional ones carried out by meandmywedding.com? 

A - It is very important that you portray your business in the way you want and we work with many photographers across the country that are skilled in promotions and product advertising. If you feel you would like to have professional shots taken for your advert please contact us and we will be able to put you in touch.

Q - We want to be removed from your site how can we do this? 

A - We are sad to hear this and hope you will reconsider leaving us. If not please email your requests to [email protected]

Q - I've changed my mind and don't want to advertise any more. Can I get a refund? 

A - During the first 14 days we allow a full money back guarantee if you chance your mind. Obviously, we would like to discuss this with you and find out what we can do to keep you with us. After 14 days we cannot offer a refund and will keep your advert live until expiry. 


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