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The Blue Wedding Dress

29th March 2015

In the 1800s, women used to wear their best dress to their wedding, regardless of color. If one was more fortunate, they would have a new dress designed and sewn for them, and many brides would re-use the dresses as they saw fit, making it more of a utility than a one-time luxury. It wasn't until 1840 when Queen Victoria married that she set the stage for the white wedding gown we see as tradition today. But wedding dresses do not always have to be white any longer, as we have seen in growing trends over the years, including Vera Wang's 2012 dress collection that included all black wedding gowns. When Princess Diana was married and opted for an ivory colored gown, that is when the shift away from the rigidity of a wedding dress having to be white began to be more widely seen.

A popular color for more modern weddings is blue, a color that signifies purity, much like the traditional white dress. Not only is it a color that is great across all four seasons of weather, but it provides for some unique customization. A lighter color of blue is perfect for spring or summer weddings, while a deeper, more royal blue would suit elegant fall or winter weddings. Since blue is a relatively neutral color, it isn't likely that you will have a hard time finding bridesmaid dresses to compliment your choice in wedding dress color.


Many brides now are incorporating a new spin on an old tradition. Many people have heard of the 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' rhyme that has been worked into many weddings, but now some women are choosing to wear a vintage dress on their wedding day that has been passed down through their family. What the bride-to-be will then do is take the dress to a professional to have it dyed the color blue they desire, completing the 'something old' and 'something blue' in one fell swoop. This is a great way to breathe new life into an old dress and make it something that is your own.